Congressman Veasey Statement After the Department of Justice Urges Courts Not to Challenge Texas Voter ID Law

Jul 7, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Marc Veasey, TX-33, lead plaintiff in the lawsuit Veasey v. Abbott, released the following statement after the Department of Justice urged a federal court in Texas not to take further action on the Texas Voter ID case arguing that changes enacted by the Texas Legislature no longer discriminates against minority voters:

“Just days after the Trump Election Integrity Commission’s cynical effort to obtain personal information of voters across the country, it’s alarming that the Trump Department of Justice has switched sides in the Texas Voter ID case and is now defending intentional discrimination by Texas Republican leaders.  The Department of Justice is empowered and expected to defend voting rights and protect all American voters.  The Department’s move in Texas, however, signals that they are abandoning their responsibility to uphold basic voting rights to join forces with those who dilute and suppress participation in our elections.

Time and again, the federal courts have confirmed that the 2011 Texas Voter ID law discriminates against minority voters.  Despite the opposition of our own Justice Department, I am proud to be a lead plaintiff in the lawsuit challenging the discriminatory Texas Voter ID law and remain confident that the protections within the Voting Rights Act and our Constitution will ultimately prevail.”