Rep. Veasey Fights to Protect U.S. Elections

Jul 18, 2018
Press Release
Republicans block debate to provide election security; plan to gut the EAC grant budge

“After President Trump’s capitulation to Putin in Helsinki – our 2018 elections are in serious danger of further interference from Russia, said Congressman Veasey. Republicans have failed to put any measures into action to respond to Trump’s alliance with Putin.

 On the House floor today, I voiced my support for Rep. McGovern and Rep. Quigley’s amendment to restore $380 million in funding for Election Assistance Commission grants. The critical funding from this amendment will help to protect our elections from future Russian meddling. The big question that remains: Why are Republicans blocking it and attempting to cut the program’s budget to zero?

 Today, we demanded a commonsense vote for the security of our democracy. Republicans failed to even open the floor to a debate, but we ensured our voices were heard. Democrats will keep fighting to protect the American people despite Republicans’ cowardly inaction on this urgent matter of national security.”