Rep. Veasey's Statement on SCOTUS' decision to Uphold Ohio Voter Purging

Jun 11, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Marc Veasey, TX-33, founder and co-chair of the Congressional Voting Rights Caucus, released the following statement after the Supreme Court voted to uphold Ohio's 'voter purge' decision.

 “In America voting is a right. You can’t “use it or lose it.” The Supreme Court’s ruling today is a chilling decision with serious repercussions for democracy in this country,” said Congressman Veasey. “The National Voter Registration Act is one of our country's central voting rights laws, but this decision has opened the door to weaken the protections it provides. Upholding voter purging in Ohio greenlights other states to purge registered voters from their rolls as a way to suppress and undermine our basic right to vote.”

 “As a lead plaintiff in the Veasey v. Abbott voter ID case, and founder of the Voting Rights Caucus in Congress, I’ve personally seen the barriers too many Americans face when casting a ballot. The cycle can’t continue. This November, we need show our power at the polls. We need to turn out in larger numbers than we ever have before, and elect representatives who will protect our sacred right to vote.”